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Divorce and Legal Separation

A dissolution is the legal term for divorce–ending a marriage. Just the thought of divorce often brings out many emotions, so when the process starts, emotions are often running high. Emotional decisions are difficult to make, especially when it comes to the heart of your life–your kids, your money, and your assets. You need an experienced family law attorney that is going to advise and guide you through the complicated divorce process and advocate on your behalf. Curtolo Law will seek to resolve your case through collaborative means, such as mediation and agreements, but is also prepared to litigate for you in Court.

We treat divorce differently than other law firms. It isn’t just an adversarial process for us because we keep our clients at the focus through the entire process. We’re dedicated to helping you move forward with your life in a way that is going to not only be beneficial for you, but for your entire family.

At Curtolo Law, we know how stressful and painful a divorce can be. That’s why we try to minimize the toll a divorce can have emotionally by navigating the divorce process in a way that minimizes conflict. This approach allows us to be efficient while dealing with your case and reaching a resolution faster, saving you from unnecessary financial stress during an already difficult time.

Curtolo Law is also fully prepared to help with the intricate details of divorce as well as provide assistance for other issues that are closely associated with divorce, including annulment, paternity, and domestic partnership cases.

If you’re ready to take the first steps towards a divorce or just want to learn more about our approach, schedule a consult today.

Our compassionate approach extends beyond divorce. We also provide outstanding and dedicated services for other issues related to divorce, including: child custody and child support, spousal support, property division, restraining orders, and mediation.

Legal Separation

A legal separation is similar to a divorce in certain aspects such as dividing debts and assets, custody and visitation are determined, and child support and spousal support are ordered. With a legal separation, your status of “married” remains intact. There are reasons why a legal separation or a divorce would be best in your situation. Contact Curtolo Law to discuss the best approach for your case.


Annulments have been popularized by the celebrity world, but they are not as easy to get as the media might lead you to believe. There are very specific requirements for an annulment, some of which are granted as a matter of law and others which have to be proven. An annulment has impacts on the issues of spousal support and division of assets and debts. It is important to consult an attorney to find out your options.


Paternity cases involve parents who were never married. First, each parent must be determined the legal parent of the child, which could involve genetic testing. Once resolved, the issues of custody and visitation, as well as child support will need to be determined. Contact Curtolo Law to discuss your parental rights.

Domestic Partnerships

There have been many recent changes to the Family Code regarding domestic partnerships and same sex marriages. Many litigants may find themselves in a domestic partnership and a same sex marriage–both of which must be dissolved upon the end of the relationship. You need a competent attorney to represent your interests.

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